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'MayPac' pop-up store on Fremont looks to cash in on the fight | News

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'MayPac' pop-up store on Fremont looks to cash in on the fight

LAS VEGAS -- A new ‘MayPac' pop-up store that will be selling gear for the two fighters has been erected on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.

The fight is expected to generate top dollar and the Mayweather and Pacquiao co-owned store is looking to cash in on the retail merchandise.

"It's incredible to create a shop for just one fight. It's incredible. It's U.S.A.," said a French tourist passing by the pop-up store.

The merchandise is not cheap though, for what is being called the fight of the century.

Posters are selling for $20 and Tee-shirts are $50. Want a pair of boxing gloves? They are $150.

When asked about the expensive prices, Nicole Craig of Mayweather Promotions said, "We wanted to give good quality and good quality costs. We wanted to make sure that the merchandise they purchase would not be faded when they go home to wash it next week."

Fans of the fight were asked if the prices were worth it.

"Yeah. Definitely. Most definitely. I feel like I'm probably going to have to buy more than one or two things in here," said one fan.

The store also has an interactive section where fans can pretend to be either fighter in a simulated fight. It also has a punching machine that measures the pressure of punches thrown.

The store says there were a lot of sales during the first day as fans expect the merchandise to be collector's items in the future. Mayweather Promotions say they expect to sell out before the fight next Saturday. 

Mayweather's “Money Team” of boxers will host a meet-and-greet from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday.

The pop-up store will be taken down after fight night.


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