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Photo Gallery | Parents Rally Against School Principal

A group of parents gathered outside Vegas Verdes Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. They say the school’s principal, Alice Roybal Benson, is a problem.  

The rally became heated at one point. One person who was opposed to the protest was very vocal, claiming the organizer of the rally was being paid by the teachers’ union. Clark County School District Police even showed up to keep the rally under control. The parents and students say teachers are leaving because of Benson, and they say she is cutting key programs.

“I am just a concerned parent. I am really concerned about my children's education because this school has been part of my life for the last five years. The last two years have been hell,” parent Teresa Salazar said.

Salazar says about 15 experienced teachers will be leaving the campus because of the principal. The protestors also say programs like English Language Learners will be eliminated by the principal.

The Clark County School District says that is not true. It says programs will not be eliminated at the school.   

“This principal was hired to make changes at Vegas Verdes,” Academic Manager with CCSD Tam Larnerd said. “The principal here is very strong. She does exactly what I ask her to do. She holds teachers accountable to teach the common core standards and to raise the student achievement at this school.”

Benson did not comment on the rally. Instead, she referred questions to Larnerd at the district.