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Photo Gallery | Robots Get Competitive at Cashman Center

High students from across the country have gathered at Cashman Center for the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology or FIRST robotics competition.

The competition is made up of 42 teams from nearly a dozen states, including schools in the Las Vegas valley. The students have spent the past six weeks designing and building their robots. They worked with engineering mentors to create robots that could toss a ball through a hoop. During the competition, they must make as many baskets as they can in two minutes and 15 seconds. They earn extra points for getting the ball through higher hoops.

One controller from Arizona says the technology is spell-binding.

"They are so cool and they are the future of the world. You can build this thing out of spare parts, and you see all these circuit boards and wires. It is all really exciting, and then you realize that you are part of that," Katy Muhlrad a 10th-grade student said.

Both of Katy's parents are scientists. She says she wants to be a computer programmer.

The competition is part of the Las Vegas Regionals going on through Saturday. The teams that win in Las Vegas will go onto regionals and vie for a spot at the FIRST championship in St. Louis, Missouri.