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Photo Gallery | Using Insects to Solve Crimes


The acronym ‘CSI’ is well-known, especially in Las Vegas, but a new Springs Preserve exhibit will twist the last letter a bit.

In a limited run, CSI: Crime Scene Insects challenges people of all ages to delve into forensic entomology - the use of insects to help solve crimes. The interactive exhibit includes an exploration of forensic entomology from 13th-century China to present-day, live insects on display, computer interactives, field and lab equipment used by investigators, realistically simulated crime scenes and more.

CSI: Crime Scene Insects is produced by Exhibit IQ in cooperation with the CBS television series and is made possible in part through support from Bayer Environmental Science. This exhibit is on display in the Origen Museum and is free for Springs Preserve members or is included with general admission.

The exhibit begins Sunday and runs through May 12. A preview will be available for Springs Preserve members on Saturday. For more information about hours and pricing, visit springspreserve.org or call 822-7700.