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Photo Gallery | Salvation Army Thefts Cause Nearly $20,000 in Losses


Salvation Army officials are asking for donations following a major theft at their administrative building Monday on Palomino Lane.

Organization officials report alleged thieves covered security cameras and disabled the electric gate to gain entry to the facility at 2900 Palomino Lane. Stolen were two complete HVAC units. Two others were damaged and the perpetrators broke into storage sheds, taking maintenance equipment. The resulting replacements and repairs will cost more than $19,000.

“In the present economic environment, this type of loss is devastating,” said Major Robert Lloyd, Clark County Coordinator for the organization. “Although our insurance will cover some of these losses, we truly cannot afford incidents like this. Every dollar lost represents a reduction in services to our beneficiaries.”

To donate, please call The Salvation Army at 870-4430 or visit their website, www.salvationarmy.org.