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Bonanza High School Students Protest Budget Cuts | Education & Schools

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Bonanza High School Students Protest Budget Cuts
Bonanza High School Students Protest Budget Cuts

LAS VEGAS -- About 100 Bonanza High School students took to the sidewalk in front of their school Tuesday morning to protest proposed budget cuts.

Protest organizer and high school junior Samantha Russo said the state budget cuts will take away a number of classes next year at Bonanza, including choir, business and the entire foreign language program.

"You have to have two years. It may not be a requirement in Nevada, but most of us don't want to stay here. We want to go out of state and want to be successful and this is limiting us," she said.

At one point, more than 100 students joined Russo in front of the campus as administrators stood by watching patiently. Later, an administrator came and urged the students to go inside.

"I am going to go in and make and annocument. When you hear the bell, I would appreciate if you go to class. You made your point. You have done a good job. Thank you," he said to the students.

Despite the plea, most students choose to stay while some left with their parents. One mom said she is happy to see what the kids are doing.

"They are our future. They have the right to state their opinion and they will be charge of this state," said parent Sandy Bell.

"We are aware it won't change anything for next year, but we do feel as if this will send them a message and this will tell them that it is affecting us and we do care," said Russo.

The students say they will be marked absent for the day. They plan to return to class as normal Wednesday.

The school district confirms the proposed cuts at Bonanza to include all the classes mentioned and a fire science program that will be completely eliminated next year. 

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