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Matching Older Pets with Local Seniors | Pets

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Matching Older Pets with Local Seniors
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Matching Older Pets with Local Seniors


Senior rescue pets often struggle finding permanent homes, but the Animal Foundation is launching a new program aimed at the problem.

The “Seniors 4 Seniors” program offers local seniors age 60 and over $50 discounts on adoption fees for dogs 3 years of age and older, and cats over the age of 1.

The shelter receives more than 50,000 animals annually. Younger cats and dogs find homes quickly and easily. Older pets frequently get passed over.

“Puppies and kittens definitely have their appeal,” says Meghan Scheibe, Marketing and PR Manager for The Animal Foundation. “They’re small. They’re cute. They’re new. Many people are looking to raise a pet, but doing so takes time, patience and countless resources. The younger pets aren’t always the best choice for everyone. And the pets that are a little older can make great companions for local seniors.”

Animals that are a bit older are often calmer and gentler, which can be a better match for less active people. Additionally, senior citizens often spend more time at home, which can be ideal for an older pet.

The “Seniors 4 Seniors” program is sponsored in part by The Pets for the Elderly Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps to pay the fees  to participating shelters for adoptions for senior citizens (age 60 and over). The Pets for the Elderly Foundation has been partnering with The Animal Foundation since 2005.

For more information on The Animal Foundation’s “Seniors 4 Seniors” promotion, please contact the adoption department at 384-3333 x131 or adoptions@animalfoundation.com. Residents looking to qualify for the discounted adoptions must bring valid picture ID at time of adoption. The Animal Foundation’s adoption center is open daily, 11am-7pm, at 655 North Mojave Road.

Pets, Seniors

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