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Residents in neighborhood plagued by crime 'walk for peace'

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police said violent crime is up on the west side of Las Vegas, and the continual increase in crime has residents fired up to take action. On Saturday many residents “walked for peace.”

It was all in an effort to bring awareness while saying enough is enough.

"When the violence starts escalating in the community, we try to come out and talk to them and let them know that this is not the way to do things,” said Pastor Willie Cherry, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

The purpose of the walk that went down D St, Owens, MLK and back towards Lake Mead was to tell people to stand up against crime.

"They need to have the courage to report these shootings, report the individuals who are plaguing this community. They need to know that the police are going to keep them secure,” said Capt. William Scott, Metro Police.

Judge rules soccer stadium issue will go on ballot

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Councilman Bob Beers won his fight to get the proposed downtown soccer stadium on the June ballot.

After hearing the case on Wednesday, District Court Judge Jerry A. Wiese III ruled Friday that the 2,306 signatures were enough to get the issue on the ballot.

Councilman Beers filled a lawsuit on Jan. 30 to sue the city over the number of signatures needed for a petition because city leaders initially told Beers he needed more than 2,300 signatures, but previously, the city clerk's office said it made a mistake and that the actual minimum number of required signatures was more than 8,200.

2 businesses under investigation for illegal spice

 LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police investigated two businesses on E. Charleston Boulevard for the illegal sale of spice, a synthetic marijuana.

Detectives showed up at the businesses Thursday to conduct search warrants. The businesses are between Maryland Parkway and 15th Street.

City task force members said they checked the 702 shop, along with a smoke shop that was down the street to make sure the businesses weren't selling spice, but that just wasn't the case.

"In terms of the spice, I don't know that I can tell you exactly how many grams it is, but I can tell you from what we have observed from our search is that there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of vials and containers that was found,” said Capt. Christopher Darcy, Metro Gang Narcotic Bureau.

Investigators said the vials were selling for up to $30 a piece, and between the two stores, that means anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 worth was on hand to be sold if not more.

City council approves parking garage; judge delays Beers' lawsuit decision

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas City council approved a plan to move forward on building a downtown parking garage.

The 1,200 space, $25 million parking garage was proposed to support the $200 million downtown soccer stadium. Councilman Bob Beers doesn't think public money should be used to finance the stadium, so last month he collected more than the 2,300 signatures on petitions in order to get the measure on the June ballot.

However, last week, the city clerk's office said, due to its mistake, the minimum number of required signatures was incorrect. The city informed Beers he needed more than 8,200 signatures, not 2,300.

Councilman Beers suit went before a judge on Wednesday, but a Clark County District Court judge delayed a decision on the lawsuit.

Clark County District Court Judge Jerry Weise says he wants to review documents in the case and could make a decision in the coming days.

NHP: No evidence of hit-and-run in deadly crash on I-15

Credit: NHP Southern Command

 LAS VEGAS -- Nevada Highway Patrol can't find any evidence to support that a second vehicle was involved in a crash that killed Josephine Mills, 65, of Las Vegas.

Mills, and a male passenger, were in an SUV on southbound I-15 when Mills lost control near the US 95 northbound exit and crashed into the freeway's center wall, Nevada Highway Patrol said. 

The crash happened shortly after 1 p.m.  

According to NHP, Mills was killed and the male passenger was taken to University Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.

Initial reports indicated that a tractor-trailer may have been involved, but there was evidence to support that, NHP said.

Bicyclist killed in 2-car crash east of downtown

LAS VEGAS — A bicyclist is dead after a two-car crash east of downtown on Monday afternoon, police said.

The crash happened just before noon at Nellis Boulevard and Bonanza Road.

According to police, two vehicles were headed westbound on Bonanza when a SUV slowed for a bicycle. However, a truck behind the SUV ran into the back of it, which pushed the SUV and hit the bicyclist.

Nevada casinos win $11 billion in 2014, a drop from 2013

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- State analysts say Nevada's casinos -- particularly those on the Las Vegas Strip -- won less in December and the 12 months of 2014 than they did a year prior.

Gaming Control Board statistics released Friday showed the state's casinos won $950.7 million in December, an 8 percent drop from a year earlier, and $11 billion total in 2014, a 1.1 percent decrease compared with 2013.

The state's gaming win is about $2 billion short of its height in 2007.

The Las Vegas Strip's winnings are down 16.4 percent in December to $555 million and 2.1 percent for the year to $6.4 billion.

Downtown Las Vegas, Laughlin, Reno as well as Wendover in Elko County all recorded more casino winnings in December and 2014.