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Jurors in Stiles Case See Infamous Video Tape

The jury in the Chester Stiles trial has seen the infamous videotape which allegedly shows Stiles sexually assaulting a toddler.

Viewing the tape was the last thing the jury did Friday. As they left the courtroom, you could see many of them looked upset after watching the 15 minute tape.

From the beginning of the trial, it has been what the prosecution has led up to. An FBI Agent was the last to talk about the tape, giving the jury an idea of what they were about to see.

"About 17 minutes contains footage of Mr. Stiles and (the victim)," he said. "In that 17 minutes, you see Mr. Stiles engaging in various sex acts with (the victim)."

He detailed some of the acts on the tape and said that the video actually had the 17 minute sex act recorded on a loop, one after another.

Police first found out about the tape when it was turned in by Darren Tuck. He said he found it under a sign while riding a motorcycle in Pahrump.

A Look Inside the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute

One man's dream to honor his father may one day help all of us when our lives are somehow touched by Alzheimers.

Local businessman Larry Ruvo is bringing together scientists to crack the code and cure Alzheimers, so that others will not know the debilitating disease that took his dad, Lou Ruvo.

The startling design by world famous architect Frank Gehry is meant to attract the attention of the world. Inside, research will begin to unlock the terrible mysteries of Alzheimers and other brain disorders.

When the center is complete, patients will fill the halls and treatment rooms. Maureen Peckham is the chief operating officer for the foundation, Keep Memory Alive, which supports the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute. She says the facility will also have programs and counseling for caregivers of Alzheimers patients.

"When they come in with their loved one who's living with the clinical disease we say, you belong to us as well.

Recruiting Begins for 2010 Census Workers in Clark County

The U.S. Census Bureau needs to hire hundreds of temporary workers to conduct the upcoming 2010 census.

On Tuesday, the census office opened in Las Vegas and as many as 500 employees will be hired locally to count Clark County residents.

Determining how many people live in Clark County will determine how much money Southern Nevada gets from the federal government.

"Census is about money and power. Congressional seats in Congress, districting in the states and also federal distribution of funds. About $300 billion a year are distributed to the states based on census counts," said Vicki McIntire, U.S. Census deputy regional director.

The people hired to do the census in Clark County will be paid $14.50 an hour. The job requires a person to go door-to-door and ask residents for basic information starting in April. If you are interested, call the Census Employment Hotline is 866-861-2010.

Las Vegas MLK Parade Draws Thousands

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Las Vegas to watch the annual parade to honor Dr. Martin Luther King who would have been 80 years old.

Parade goers say they are full of appreciation for the sacrifice Dr. King made for this country. They danced, chanted and celebrated in the streets of Las Vegas for this 27th annual parade. Many parade goers say this year's parade is especially significant because they say when President-Elect Barack Obama's takes the oath of office, they will no longer have to dream about equality.

"It is really significant it seems like the timing is just perfect so that's the best way to honor Dr. King's memory as well and that his dream did come alive and it's through Barrack Obama," said Margaretta Rice.

"Living the Dream: For One America" was this year's theme. The grand marshals were Dr. Barbara Jackson and Dr. James Tate.

"Now we know in this country, all are created equal.

UMC's Transplant Program Celebrates a Success

After months of not being allowed to perform kidney transplants, UMC's program is back online with the help of some Utah doctors. Thanks to them, one local couple is starting a new life -- one free of dialysis and stress.

And while it has a happy ending, the beginning and middle of Kevin and Jennifer Johnson's story is full of stress and worry. In the midst of planning Jennifer's kidney transplant, UMC's program stopped performing transplants, leaving them wondering where they would go for help.

The last six months of Jennifer's life has been full of dialysis and pills. Her kidneys were failing and she was in desperate need of a transplant, "If I would have chosen not to do dialysis, I would have ultimately died."

Kevin, her husband of three years and a Metro Police detective, said there was no question what he needed to do, "It was something I wanted to do for her.

Changes in Bus Fares and Routes

If you are a bus rider, you will be paying more to get around the Las Vegas Valley.

The Regional Transportation Commission has announced it is increasing its transit fares starting Sunday, January 11th. A single ride fare will increase from $1.25 to a $1.75 and a monthly full fare pass will go up $15 a month. The only fare that will not change is the reduced fare 30-day pass which is $25.

The RTC is also making changes to more than 30 of its routes. The following routes will have some changes. For more specific information, click here. You can also call 228-RIDE.

  • 101 - Rainbow
  • 102 - Jones 
  • 103 - Decatur 
  • 104 - Valley View 
  • 105 - Martin L.

Highway Patrol Looking for Drunk Drivers

The holiday season is in full swing and law enforcement agencies want to make sure drunk drivers stay of the roads.

The Nevada Department of Public Safety and Stop DUI launched the Red Ribbon Campaign as part of National Drunk Driving Awareness Month.

Along Kyle Canyon Road, the ribbons will be placed at one mile increments to remind people not to drink and drive.

"Every one of those red ribbons you see symbolizes a life lost to a drunk driver, and it's also a stark reminder that we need to find one of the many alternative ways home after you've had anything to drink," said Trooper Kevin Honea with the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

The Nevada DPS will also be holding many saturation patrols throughout the holiday season to protect innocent drivers from those who are impaired.