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Las Vegas Firefighters Launch Campaign Against Cuts

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas city firefighters are warning that the city's proposed budget cuts could compromise safety during emergencies. However, the Mayor and Las Vegas Fire Chief disagree.

The union that represents the firefighters has launched a website that says lives could be in danger and insurance rates could go up if budget cuts are approved. The website says critical jobs will be cut slowing down response time.

The website encourages people to sign a petition, contact Mayor Oscar Goodman and city council members, and attend a Town Hall meetings to speak out against the cuts.

"It's important we try to quell this and quash it before it gets out of hand. I don't want people to think when they call 911 they are not going to get the service they have had in the past," said Mayor Goodman.

Free Bus Rides for New Year's Holiday

LAS VEGAS -- The RTC will offer free bus rides starting at 6 p.m. on New Year's Eve and ending at 9 a.m. on New Year's Day.

The RTC offers this free service every year and encourages people who may be concerned about driving to take advantage of the bus rides. The free rides are on all fixed-service routes. There will be no bus service on the Las Vegas Strip New Year's Eve evening as it will be closed for the celebration.

There is also going to be free bus service from northwest Las Vegas to the downtown area on New Year's Eve. The free service will take riders from Centennial Hills to Las Vegas Blvd. and Fremont Street. The service will operate every 20 minutes starting at 5 p.m. until 4 a.m. on New Year's Day.

Students Rally for Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct

LAS VEGAS -- Allegations of sexual misconduct by a teacher are at the center of a protest held at Las Vegas Academy Thursday afternoon.

Ronny Scott Hoffman is accused of groping a student at the school two years ago. On Thursday, more than a dozen students from the academy organized a rally in support of Hoffman.

The French teacher is charged with one count of sexually motivated coercion and three counts of open and gross lewdness.

According to court documents, the victim claims Hoffman inappropriately touched her while in one of the girl's bathrooms at the Academy sometime in October or November of 2007. The victim alleges another girl entered the bathroom and she was able to run away.

Police have interviewed approximately 105 female students from the Academy and were unable to find the witness or other victims. Court records indicate the alleged victim did not come forward because she was ashamed.

Teacher Arrested for Sexual Misconduct

LAS VEGAS -- A teacher at the Las Vegas Academy has been arrested for sexual misconduct with a student.

Thirty-eight-year-old Ronny Scott Hoffman was taken into custody last week and police are looking for more victims. Hoffman was a French teacher at the Academy. The victim was a former female student.

"The purpose of the release is to get it out to the community -- to the parents, to any other former students who may have been in contact with Mr. Hoffman and see if there were any prior or recent conduct involving victims we are not aware of," said Metro Lt. John Bradshaw.

Police started their investigation in May of 2009. Hoffman was removed from the school at that time and according to the school district was assigned to work from home.

Family Wants Attorney General to Investigate UMC

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- The family of Roshunda Abney, the woman who claims UMC's lack of treatment caused her premature baby to die, is calling for the Attorney General's office to launch a criminal investigation.

In a letter written by the attorney for Abney and her fiance, Raffinee Dewberry, there are allegations that there were several violations of state law as a result of UMC's failure to screen or treat Abney when she went to the emergency department. The letter states that the families want the Attorney General to open a criminal investigation.

Abney and Dewberry went to UMC on November 30th seeking treatment because Abney was in severe pain. After waiting six hours, the couple left. Abney delivered a premature baby girl at home. The child died shortly after birth. 

Attorney Jacob Hafter said, "As our investigation continues, it appears that the failure to provide Ms. Abney the care she requested goes beyond civil liability."

Police Search for Suspects in Armored Truck Heist

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- Police are searching for at least two suspects in the daring robbery of an armored truck in front of the Palace Station Hotel & Casino Monday morning.

Station Casinos reports that the suspects made of with more than $1 million but only about  $36,000 was in cash. The rest was in cashed checks and receipts.

According to Lt. Clint Nichols with Metro Robbery, the robbery happened around 9 a.m. in front of the casino door on Sahara Ave. Police say the Garda armored truck had one driver and one guard and when the guard returned to the truck from the casino, he was robbed at gun point.

Giant Candy Village in Works at Opportunity Village

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- A giant candy village is in the making at Opportunity Village and will be on display for the public.

Students and chefs at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las Vegas are assembling the village for a Make-A-Wish party at the Magical Forest. Once the party is over, the village will go on public display.

The candy village has 10 buildings including a cathedral. The entire village covers 30 square feet and is covered with pretzels, candy and frosting.