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I-Team: Another Medical Mafia Member Pleads Guilty

LAS VEGAS -- Former medical consultant Howard Awand pleaded guilty to a felony Monday morning. Awand is the third local professional to admit to his role in the ongoing Medical Mafia investigation.

Less than two months ago, a jury found Awand guilty of failing to pay millions in taxes from the money he earned while working on personal injury claims. Now, as he awaits sentencing in that case, he admits his role in the so-called Medical Mafia conspiracy.

Read Howard Awand's plea agreement

According to prosecutors, Awand coordinated a network of local doctors and lawyers who rigged medical malpractice lawsuits and then split the profits without their client's knowledge.

Fashion Show Helps Raises Money and Awareness for Local Shelter

Leaving in the middle of the night from an abusive relationship, many women and children don't take many belongings looking for somewhere to turn.

The Shade Tree is that place and now Southern Nevada's largest battered women's shelter says it is witnessing a new level of violence. So Saturday night charities teamed up to give these women one thing many of us takes for granted.

Models worked the runway Saturday night at The Orleans Hotel, showing off their creative shoes.

They're raising money for Shade Tree. On any one night, 300 women and children seek shelter there. Many of them are victims of violent physical abuse.

Las Vegas City Budget Calls for Job Eliminations

LAS VEGAS -- At least 171 City of Las Vegas employees are facing the possibility of losing their jobs.

Mayor Oscar Goodman, along with the city manager, laid out a grim budget plan for the 12-month period that begins on July 1, 2010.

If city employees and their unions don't agree to 8-percent cuts, the layoffs would go forward. Right now, the Las Vegas Fire Department has not agreed to the cuts.

The people who would lose their jobs are being notified Thursday. It's based on the length of time they have worked with the city.

"I want to look you all in the eyes and say that's not something we want to do. We would much prefer that everybody be a little bit caring about their fellow workers and if they all did what we are proposing after all the cuts we've already made, take an 8-percent reduction in salary, then nobody is going to lose their jobs," said Mayor Goodman.

Overnight Bail Hours Cut at Jail in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Officials say they're cutting the overnight hours that people can post bail and be freed from jail.

Las Vegas Justice Court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer calls it a cost-saving move. He says the court's Pretrial Services Division at the Clark County jail will shut down from midnight to 8 a.m. That means friends, relatives and bail bond companies won't be able to post bail until the morning.

Sommermeyer says statistics show that most bail is posted after 8 a.m. Information about inmates is still available 24 hours a day on the Clark County government's jail link.

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I-Team: Monorail Accused of Shady Dealings in Court

LAS VEGAS -- Shady dealings have been alleged at the Las Vegas Monorail. Now it's all coming out in court.

The people who invested $400 million in the Monorail say the company has been moving money around behind their backs.

The Monorail has always played a shell game. Is it a private company or a public entity? It bounces back and forth between the two, whichever is most convenient at the moment. Now, that is coming back to haunt the troubled train.

Lawyers for the bondholders say the Monorail has been diverting money into a secret account and that it filed for bankruptcy right after it got caught.

Wells Fargo is the trustee for the bonds holder's lien, so the revenue from the Monorail is supposed to stay in a Wells Fargo account so it can be used to pay the bills.

Instead, debtees say monorail CEO Curtis Myles and the Monorail Board of Directors diverted money to a separate account at Bank of America.

I-Team: Children Gone But Not Forgotten

LAS VEGAS -- Some of the valley's most vulnerable children got the recognition they deserve Wednesday. The I-Team first told you about dozens of poor, abandoned and abused children laid to rest by Clark County.

The children graves were never marked but now that has changed because of the generosity of the community.

A local child advocate discovered the unmarked graves quite by accident while attending a memorial service for a murdered foster child. If Baby Boy Charles -- as he was known -- didn't get a headstone at the time of his death, Donna Coleman wondered how many others lay unseen beneath the grass. That day, the answer was 63. Now, there are none.

Andrew Singleton III, Rosemary Halsey and Daniel Hanson are just some of the names now etched in granite. Their lives finally recognized for the first time.

State Warns of Census Scams

LAS VEGAS -- State officials are warning Nevadans to be on the look out for scams involving the 2010 Census.

Secretary of State Ross Miller and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto issued a consumer advisory Wednesday morning.

They say the scams include official looking requests for personal financial information and they may come in the form of a direct mail, email or even someone visiting your home.

"Nevadans must know that the U.S. Census Bureau is seeking only demographic information and would not ask for personal information like social security, bank account of credit card numbers," Masto said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the census forms will be mailed out to people starting in early March. Workers will begin knocking on the doors of single family households around May 1, 2010 if they didn't get the form mailed back to them.