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Budget Deadline Nears for Clark County School District

LAS VEGAS -- Some big changes are expected for the Clark County School District in the coming months. School board members meet Wednesday to adopt a tentative budget designed to cut $123 million.

One of the proposals -- eliminating year round schools -- would save $18 million. Already school board members have agreed to change 21 schools from a year-round schedule to a nine-month schedule.

"I think it'll give them a chance to save money," said Shaunrice Hill, a former student.

Even with that change, there are still 55 schools operating 12 months a year. Some parents want that to change.

"I have older kids who are in a traditional nine month school, so we're able to take our vacations the same if we are all on a nine month school," said Delilah Ascencion, parent.

I-Team: Millions Owed in Unpaid Tickets

LAS VEGAS -- At a time when local governments are pinching every penny, the amount of money owed to the Las Vegas Justice Court is enough to make a budget director drool.

The amount of past due traffic tickets currently on the books is $170 million and the court considers their efforts to collect the money a success.

"I think it's more out of sight, out of mind," said Sgt. Robert Wyant who is with the Las Vegas Township Constable's office. He offers a not-so-subtle reminder to a driver of traffic stops in 2005 and 2006.

Wyant asks, "What do you think you can come up with?" He intends to collect at least a portion of the $4,000 the driver owes in fines and fees. If reason doesn't work, handcuffs serve as an effective negotiating tool. "Technically what it is, you pay or we take you to jail to go in front of a judge."

Metro Investigates Triple Stabbing and Beating

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police are investigating a triple stabbing and beating that happened around midnight near Oakey and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Police tell 8 News Now that the incident may be gang related. All the victims were taken to University Medical Center where they are expected to recover from their injuries. Metro also says two out of three suspects have been arrested.


United States Coast Guard Weighing Anchor In Nevada

LAS VEGAS -- The U.S. Coast Guard is weighing anchor on operations at two navigation broadcasting station in Nevada. The commander of a ground-based long-range navigation system says Global Positioning System satellites have made the so-called LORAN system obsolete.

The 24-station network stopped broadcasting Feb. 8. Now, stations in Searchlight and Fallon are being decommissioned as part of a move to save $37 million per year in operation costs. The station near Searchlight, about 60 miles south of Las Vegas, isn't the only "awkward place" for a Coast Guard station. The service also has duty stations in Kansas, New Mexico, Montana and northern Minnesota.

I-Team: Agassi Prep Principal Resigns After Allegations of Misconduct

LAS VEGAS -- The middle school principal of the Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy resigned this week after she was placed on leave following reports by the I-Team.

Bevelyn Smothers had been on leave since March 16, 2010, when allegations surfaced that the principal had sifted through state proficiency tests to give students more time to complete unfinished portions.

State law bars administrators and teachers from such conduct and requires proctors to only follow rules provided by the state on the Criterion Referenced Tests. Teachers told the I-Team Smothers instructed them to look through tests and pull students out of class to improve test scores.

Spay and Neuter Law in Effect for Las Vegas Pet Owners

LAS VEGAS -- April 1st is the deadline for Las Vegas pet owners to get their dogs and cats spayed or neutered under a new law. Pet owners who don't follow the rules could face hundreds of dollars in fines.

The city of Las Vegas says it euthanizes more animals than much larger cities including New York City which has a population of 8 million people.

With a few exceptions, the new law calls for cats and dogs older than four months to get spayed or neutered.

"If we respond to a house for a barking complaint, running-at-large, sanitation, a bite, anything of that nature, at that time that we're addressing that issue, we're also going to ask to see documentation that the animal has been sterilized," said Richard Molinari, Las Vegas Animal Control supervisor.

Spay and Neutering is Answer to Pet Overpopulation

LAS VEGAS -- A new law requiring all owners to spay and neuter their pets takes effect April 1st in the city of Las Vegas and in mid-May in Clark County. North Las Vegas already has a law on the books.

More than 50,000 animals arrive at the The Animal Foundation shelter every year. The numbers are even more heartbreaking when you stop and realize that's more than 135 cats and dogs every day that are lost, abandoned, or surrendered.

"He was just wandering on the sidewalk and almost ran into the street," said Gary Stephenson who found a lost dog.

One look at the long intake line at the shelter on North Mojave and you get the picture. "We're not going to adopt our way out of this problem. The answer is on the front end to lower the intake numbers," said Executive Director Christine Robinson, The Animal Foundation.