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Downtown Project opens first hotel: Oasis at Gold Spike

LAS VEGAS — There's one more place to rest your head in downtown Las Vegas with the opening of a new boutique hotel — Oasis at Gold Spike.

The hotel, which is a first for the Downtown Project, has 38 rooms and six suites just steps away from Fremont Street. The renovation of the three-story hotel began in 2013.

“We are excited to introduce this unique and creative hotel venue to our neighborhood,” said Kim Schaefer, spokesperson for Downtown Project. “Oasis at Gold Spike is a great addition to the ongoing efforts to help revitalize Downtown Las Vegas.”

For reservations and more information, visit their website.

I-Team: Homeowner succeeds at getting squatters out

LAS VEGAS -- A homeowner has taken back control of his home after a bogus lease gave control to the squatters and forced the homeowner out.

The incident caused Harry Dietz to go through a lengthy civil process to evict people who didn't have the right to be there in the first place.

It took about a month to give all of the necessary legal notifications and warnings to the people who moved into his rental home without his permission, but eventually they left. However, the so-called squatters didn't leave the home the way they found it.

Dietz says he has a lot of work to do because the people who occupied his home left it dirty, and items, like the washer and dryer, were missing.

“What recourse do I have? Now I have to hunt them down to try to file a civil suit for a washer, dryer and other things? They count on the fact that people don't have time to do this. You know, they just go on to the next victim,” Dietz said.

Barricade situation on N. 1st St. ends

LAS VEGAS - Metro Police say a barricade situation on North 1st Street near Sycamore Lane is over.

One person was found dead and they believe the person committed suicide.

According to police, the incident started just after 1 p.m. Thursday when officers were called to the area for a domestic disturbance. When police arrived, a person ran back into the house.

SWAT was called to the scene. The sound of gunfire was heard coming from inside the home.

The area was shutdown while police tried to resolve the situation.




New app helps people find a place to park downtown

New app helps people find a place to park downtown

There is a new way to find out if there is a place to park in downtown Las Vegas.

The city has launched the new ParkMe app for both iPhone and Android. The app shows users what metered spaces downtown are available using a color-coding system. Green when a space is available, orange when it might be available and red when it is not available.

The app used data from the city’s parking meters and an algorithm to determine which spots might be available.

ParkMe app also shows all the off-street parking lots and garages, along with how much they cost.

The app is part of the city of Las Vegas’ long-term parking plan. The area has struggled with parking, especially during special events like First Friday.  

No report of problems before murder-suicide

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Officials from Child Protective Services say they had no reports of problems with a foster family before an apparent murder-suicide in Las Vegas that left a toddler dead.

A notice issued by the state Tuesday offers few other details on the death of 16-month-old Michell Momox-Caselis or her 37-year-old foster father, Joaquin Juarez-Paez.

The father was found dead Sunday morning in the parking lot of an apartment complex on North Jones Boulevard. His wife was searching for the keys to the vehicle when she discovered the toddler dead in her crib.

Coroner's officials haven't yet released their causes of death.

Officers say the couple had recently become foster parents for Momox-Caselis and another child. The notice says another "relevant household member" was immediately removed from the home.

Police look for victims of man arrested at Container Park

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police are looking for people who might have been confronted by a man arrested Saturday at the Container Park downtown.

Just before 12:30 p.m. Saturday, officers were called to the park on a report that a man was threatening security guards. When they arrived, they found a man sitting on a railing outside the park with a knife to his throat.

Police identified him as 47-year-old Cristian Navarro. Police eventually talked Navarro into putting down the knife, but when an officer tired to give him a bottle of water, he grabbed the knife again.

Another officer shot a beanbag round from a low-lethality shotgun at Navarro, while another officer took the knife away. Navarro was taken to University Medical Center, where he was booked in absentia for one count of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of resisting arrest with a deadly weapon.

Police: Old workers' comp claim could be reason for shooting

LAS VEGAS — A shooting at the State of Nevada Department of Administrative Hearings Division building in Las Vegas on Monday stemmed from a workers' compensation claim 11 years earlier, an arrest report reveals.

Michael Kogler, who was shot, previously worked with the accused shooter, 73-year-old Leonard Sullivan, at MGM Resorts. Kogler worked as a claims adjuster for MGM at the time.

According to the arrest report, Sullivan, who was dressed in a suit, wore a hat, and carried a cane, was seen by multiple people before the shooting, including a maintenance employee who asked if he needed help finding his way. He reportedly told the man, "no."

"The male walked slowly across the landing outside the office as if waiting for someone," the arrest report said.