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March against genetically modified foods draws large crowd | News

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March against genetically modified foods draws large crowd

LAS VEGAS -- Hundreds of people hit the streets of Downtown Las Vegas Saturday to march against the sale of genetically modified foods.

This is one of many rallies worldwide marching against an agriculture company called Monsanto. They produce genetically modified foods known as GMOs.

Marchers say they want companies to label food properly, so people can choose to eat it or not.

"All the toxins, all the pollutants, all the chemicals in that food is not healthy for you," said marcher Anna Robles. "You're eating this food and you're getting sick and then you're going to the doctor and getting pills for whatever you're getting relief for."

The concerned citizens group GMO Free Vegas organized the march and also had a festival to educate people about GMOs.

The group is also working with CCSD schools by growing gardens to teach children about organic foods.

Monsanto released a statement that said, "The 22,000 people of Monsanto are committed to having an open dialogue about food and agriculture. We're proud of the work we do, and we're eager for people to know more about us. We know people have different points of view on these topics, and it's important that they're able to express and share them."


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