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Frustrations rise with long lines at DMV | News

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Frustrations rise with long lines at DMV

LAS VEGAS -- If you're planning to go to the DMV anytime soon, expect a long wait for your service.

According to Nevada DMV's website, the typical waiting time for most locations in southern Nevada is around three hours.

In some cases, the frustration has turned to violence. 

On Saturday, a man tried to enter the DMV office on Sahara Avenue and broke the glass front door after he realized the door was locked because the office was officially closed. The customers and workers who were still in the office had to be evacuated.

DMV officials say they are aware people are upset with the wait times, but there is little they can do ease the long lines.

Deborah Moss spent her birthday standing in line waiting to get into the DMV.

"I kind of just want to come in and get it done but I have a feeling it's not going to be that easy," she said.

According to the DMV, the demand for service has recently jumped from 1,200 to more than 1,600 people, per office, per day.

"It's a lot of little things adding up to a long wait time at the DMA," said Kevin Malone, DMV spokesperson.

He says, one of the biggest problems is the new Dash Pass technology where people can make and check an appointment via phone, text or Internet.

The trouble is people either put in many different numbers trying to get to front of line, push back their appointment times, or worse don't show up.

"If we have a high no show rate, technicians are just sitting there without helping anyone," Malone said.

There are also more people getting the Real ID which is a new kind of drivers license that allows people to board planes and enter federal buildings. An applicant must appear in person and bring documents to apply.

Michael Miranti found out the hard way when he didn't bring some of the documentation needed.

"I figured I would just come in here and switch my license and be done and they make you jump through hoops," he said.

Malone says they are trying to ask the Legislature to add more staff to help with the delays.

People going to the DMV are also advised to make sure they have all the necessary documentation and come as early in the day as possible.

"I  knew it would be busy like all DMV's across the country, but this is kind of ridiculous," Moss said.

There are several DMV services, such as renewing a car registration, that can be done online or at a kiosk.


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