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Residents in neighborhood plagued by crime 'walk for peace' | News

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Residents in neighborhood plagued by crime 'walk for peace'

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police said violent crime is up on the west side of Las Vegas, and the continual increase in crime has residents fired up to take action. On Saturday many residents “walked for peace.”

It was all in an effort to bring awareness while saying enough is enough.

"When the violence starts escalating in the community, we try to come out and talk to them and let them know that this is not the way to do things,” said Pastor Willie Cherry, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

The purpose of the walk that went down D St, Owens, MLK and back towards Lake Mead was to tell people to stand up against crime.

"They need to have the courage to report these shootings, report the individuals who are plaguing this community. They need to know that the police are going to keep them secure,” said Capt. William Scott, Metro Police.

Captain Scott said over the past two weeks, his area command has made several arrests in these areas. He said they even recovered 15 illegal guns.

"Illegal weapons in the fact that they were unregistered, or they were stolen, but these individuals who were in possession of them are felons and couldn't have those guns,” Capt. Scott said.

Pastor Cherry said he hoped to send a “see something, say something message” during the walk for peace.

As demonstrators walked peacefully, they chanted slogans like "it takes a village,” and “stop shooting even if it's up in the sky in celebration.”

"When they go up, they have to come down somewhere. With two shootings in this area alone, there were over 55 rounds that were fired," Capt. Scott said.

No one was hurt in those shootings, but constant gunshots keep people who live in the area in fear.


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