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2 businesses under investigation for illegal spice | News

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2 businesses under investigation for illegal spice

 LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police investigated two businesses on E. Charleston Boulevard for the illegal sale of spice, a synthetic marijuana.

Detectives showed up at the businesses Thursday to conduct search warrants. The businesses are between Maryland Parkway and 15th Street.

City task force members said they checked the 702 shop, along with a smoke shop that was down the street to make sure the businesses weren't selling spice, but that just wasn't the case.

"In terms of the spice, I don't know that I can tell you exactly how many grams it is, but I can tell you from what we have observed from our search is that there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of vials and containers that was found,” said Capt. Christopher Darcy, Metro Gang Narcotic Bureau.

Investigators said the vials were selling for up to $30 a piece, and between the two stores, that means anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 worth was on hand to be sold if not more.

Detectives said they also seized bundles of cash and a handgun. The spice was sent off to a lab to be tested.

No one was arrested Thursday, but officers say charges could be pending. It all depends on whether or not the substance is spice or a spice-alternative.

Spice is a schedule one drug, and it can be deadly. Officers say that's why they want it off of the streets.

"We don't want young adults going into these types of businesses and buying this product to use it or smoke it. It will lead to medical conditions,” Darcy said.


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