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Old County Courthouse Going on Auction Block | News

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Old County Courthouse Going on Auction Block

LAS VEGAS -- A historic piece of downtown Las Vegas is now up for auction.

The old county courthouse, which was once the center of the city's justice system but has now sat empty for nearly a decade, is for sale.

The building has been appraised at $10 million, and the county sees lots of potential for it, whether it become a new casino, a convention center, or even a modern condominium complex.

A far cry from what it used to be when it was built more than a century ago.

SLIDESHOW: Clark County Courthouse for Sale

The old county courthouse began as a small block building in 1905, transforming over the years to be the modern facility on 200 South Third Street.

"To think of the old courthouse, brings back memories of yesterday," Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said.

Wolfson started his legal career inside this building 30 years ago as a law clerk, working his way up to be the county's top prosecutor.

"Back then life, and maybe even justice, a little simpler than it is now," Wolfson said.

On Monday, the county opened the doors of the building to show a glimpse of what used to be inside this courthouse, now abandoned for the past eight years.

There are broken pipes in the courtrooms, cracked ceilings, and rusted furniture. Homeless people have broken into the building and stayed inside. The county had to install metal plates to help secure the doors.

Despite the interior conditions, county officials say the building's structure is sound, and because of its location, it is now considered prime real estate.

"It is a valuable piece of land in downtown. It is a full city block, lots of opportunities right there," director of Real Property Management Jerry Stueve said.

So, depending on what the buyers will do with it, old holding cells could turn into offices, and the inmates outdoor workout area could transform into shops and restaurants.

"I think the opportunities are endless," Stueve said.

District Attorney Wolfson is excited for the future of his very first office, but still reminisces about what it used to be.

"It is an iconic building that people will miss, absolutely," Wolfson said.

The county says nearly 30 parties have expressed some form of interest in this property.

A live auction starts at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Clark County Commission meeting.


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