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Ad Company Offers $1 Office Space Downtown | News

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Ad Company Offers $1 Office Space Downtown

LAS VEGAS -- Imagine paying just $1 per month for office space. A local ad agency is making it a reality for tech start ups in downtown Las Vegas.

It can be tough for tech start up businesses to find affordable office space. Now, The Glenn Group, a local advertising agency is making an offer tough to refuse.

"We are offering 1,000 square feet of our arts district office space," said Chris Charles Scott, the public relations director for The Glenn Group.

He said, it's not just about space but forming partnerships in the growing downtown district.

"We're offering an environment where there will be these moments of creative collaboration."

In recent years, more investors have flocked downtown, pouring millions of dollars into real estate, small businesses and education. Start-ups, like the Telesis Academy of Dance are willing to give it a go.

"It certainly would provide us with a centralized location from which we could do many things," said Quint Rahaman with the Telesis Academy of Dance.

Rahaman's start up gives dancers a global spotlight.

Diane Beck is also in the running for the office space. Her company teaches students how to land their first tech job.

"To have more space would be great, but also the location of being downtown would be awesome," she said. "There's a lot of excitement and buzz about downtown and there's a lot of interest."

Those interested in the office space need to submit a video via Instagram to The Glenn Group and tag it $1 office space.

"This is our way giving back," Scott said.

Las Vegas Start Up weekend starts Aug 10. Entrepreneurs from all over the world will be in Las Vegas helping educate and empower tech start ups.


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