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Teen Driver Faces DUI Charges in Egg & I Crash | News

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Teen Driver Faces DUI Charges in Egg & I Crash

LAS VEGAS -- Lunch hour turned into a tragedy after a man launched his car into the Egg & I restaurant Monday.

The driver, 18-year-old Gage Lindsey, is facing charges of driving under the influence, felony reckless driving and felony hit and run for the crash that left 10 people in the diner injured.

Metro Police haven't determined how fast Lindsey was driving, but his vehicle hit with such force it knocked out a main support beam causing the restaurant to be in danger of a collapse.

One minute, patrons were eating lunch. The next minute, they were running for their lives.

"You see it coming and you just don't realize it, it's like it's not happening," Egg & I's general manager Sarah Gehringer said.

"It was immediately, boom, like a bomb," patron Suzi Liene McDonald said.

SLIDESHOW: Car Crashes Into Diner

At least three were trapped under the car for 30 minutes. The father of one of the victims said all three are in University Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

According to the arrest report, Lindsey lost control of his car, hit the median and skidded into the restaurant. He tried to make a run for it but customers and bystanders tackled him. Witnesses said Lindsey tried to get rid of a pill.

"If he obviously cared he wouldn't have done anything like that, he obviously doesn't care about himself, so why would he care about other people? It's sad," said Jessica Overton who works nearby where the crash occurred.

Driver Told Police He 'Blacked Out' Before Crash

The arrest report shows Lindsey passed a breathalyzer test but later admitted to driving, blacking out, and taking drugs without a prescription.

Police took a drug and urine sample and the results will be available in a few days.

Lindsey is expected to make his first appearance in court Wednesday morning. Metro Police say Lindsey does have a juvenile record.



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