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St. Patrick's Day Brings Huge Crowd Downtown | News

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St. Patrick's Day Brings Huge Crowd Downtown

LAS VEGAS -- The Irish have observed Saint Patrick's Day as a religious holiday for more than a thousand years.

In fact, Irish laws demanded pubs to be closed on that day up until the 1970s. It can be hard to remember the calmer roots when the color green takes over Las Vegas.

There were countless events around the city. Free concerts on Fremont Street seemed bring out the Irish in everyone. 

"Everywhere from Canada, to China, to Mexico, everywhere you can think of people come out here," said Michael Whittington working on Fremont Street. "We meet a lot different personalities."

Fremont Street kept the party going with bagpipes, drink specials, and the 5th Annual Saint Patrick's Day Pub Crawl.

"This is my first time on Fremont Street and it's awesome," said Curtis Gram. "I'm very excited to watch the light show just to see what's going on down here, I'm thrilled.

For Mike Tomko, it's less about the party and more about a tradition he remembers celebrating long before becoming a firefighter in New York.

"Always march down 5th Avenue, go down passed Saint Patrick's Cathedral, it was an amazing day. It's been a tradition that's carried on and on for years."

But no one said tradition can't be fun.

"It's the greatest day on the planet, a day to come out and have fun, everybody's smiling, everybody wants to be Irish. The happiest people on the planet."


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