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Acts of Kindness: Melinda Adams | News

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Acts of Kindness: Melinda Adams
Melinda and Annie

LAS VEGAS - Melinda Mejia Adams has been a champion for animals across the valley for years. Since 2007, she has volunteered countless hours a week at different organizations such as the Animal Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society and Canine Assistants.

"She's just a very sweet person, and I mean it shows. It shows in everything she does, and it shows in the way the animals love her too. She loves them, and they love her just as much," said Kelly McMahon with Canine Assistants. "She helps out whenever we go to any dog event where I have a booth. She helps out with the dogs, the booth. She helps out with me personally, helps me get to and from places and just get around. It's just non-stop. She's just amazing."

"When we got reacquainted here in Vegas, and I found what she was doing with all of here countless volunteer hours, I couldn't believe it," said Adams' colleague Cheri Denning. "The posting she puts on Facebook, the hours she spends here walking the dogs, loving the dogs, I just was overwhelmed. I thought, ‘Who does this?'"

There's one task Adams holds most dear.

"I could be here all day. I'd love to. It's just to give that one dog that may not be here tomorrow a few moments of happiness and love," she said.

Adams showed that love with Annie, a German shepherd Adams and her husband found wandering near their home. Annie was emaciated when they found her. For 12 years, Annie was a part of their family, and Melinda dedicated herself to taking care of Annie until the end of the dog's life. Melinda even used a sling to help Annie go to the bathroom after Annie lost all use of her back legs.

"Annie got the feeling she was walking on all 4 legs," Denning said. "(Melinda) would hoist her around, and I got to see this. I was like, ‘Okay this is like taking care of an elderly parent.' It just was so touching. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it."

"I do it for all these babies. There are so many dogs out there that need a wonderful home," Melinda said. "Come to the shelter and visit with the friends and give them love, because they all need it so much. They're such beautiful friends to have for life and give so much back to us."

8 News NOW decided it was time to give back to Melinda Adams – awarding her $800 as part of its weekly series Acts of Kindness.

If you have someone you want to nominate for Acts of Kindness, visit our website or e-mail us.

Annie in her specially designed sling

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