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Berkley's Office Visited by Conservative Bus Tour | News

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Berkley's Office Visited by Conservative Bus Tour

LAS VEGAS -- Tensions were high Thursday when a bus from the conservative Americans for Prosperity political action group parked in front of Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley's Las Vegas office.

Carrying protest signs, the people who disembarked from the bus were approached by Berkley supporters.

Berkley is challenging Sen. Dean Heller for his seat in the general election.

The Democratic supporters wanted the bus to leave the private parking lot, and customers visiting the business complex had a difficult time maneuvering around the bus and finding a place to park.

Metro police came to the parking lot, near Sahara and Rancho, to make sure the scene didn't turn violent. Officers also warned the conservative group that if they didn't move the bus, a citation would be issued.

"We specifically kept this one quiet," said Adam Stryker, of Americans for Prosperity. "We knew that we were coming on private property and we're going to be getting out of here as soon as that private property opens for business."

Americans for Prosperity was-founded by David Koch of Koch Industries, a major contributor to the Republican Party.


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