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Police: Woman Used Meth Before Taking Son Hostage | News

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Police: Woman Used Meth Before Taking Son Hostage

LAS VEGAS -- The woman who took her 1-year-old son hostage over the weekend initially called police to tell them she was self-diagnosed as crazy and depressed.

Kimberly Kardell, 34, called 911 and identified herself as Sophia Marie Banana Hammock and told the dispatcher she had been in an abusive relationship.

When police arrived at the Budget Suites in the 2200 block of N. Rancho Road, she could be seen through a window holding a small boy and a knife. She refused to open the door and told officers she wanted to harm herself and her child, according to the arrest report.

Mother Arrested After Taking Son Hostage

After an officer called Kardell on the phone in her apartment, she told him she was upset a former boyfriend ended their relationship. She refused to allow officers to enter her apartment to take her son.

The officer asked Kardell if she had used illegal drugs and she told the officer she would take anything she could get her hands on. When he asked her if she was taking any prescription drugs, she told him it was none of his business, the report said.

At one point during the phone call, the woman told the officer she was hearing voices and tapping noises.

After SWAT obtained a search warrant, officers entered the apartment and took her son. Kardell then started stabbing herself with scissors, the arrest report said.

Her son was found to have only a few minor scratches. Kardell was taken to University Medical Center with some scratches and cuts to her inner forearms, neck and chest.

The boy was taken into protective custody.

According to the report, Kardell has been alleged to previously threaten to harm her other child, a 9-year-old boy. Her history includes emotional instability of parent and substance abuse. The older boy lives with his father.

After Kardell was released from the hospital and taken into police custody, she told officers she was addicted to methamphetamine and had smoked the drug before calling police the morning she took her son hostage.

She also told officers she had hoped that by taking her son hostage, the officers would kill her and her son would be taken care of by someone else. She said she had also used a hammer in her room to destroy what she believed to be listening devices.

Kardell was arrested on a charge of child endangerment with a deadly weapon, resisting a police officer with a weapon, assault with a deadly weapon and first degree kidnap with a deadly weapon.


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