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Martinez Family Gym Officially Open Again | News

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Martinez Family Gym Officially Open Again
Martinez Family Gym Officially Open Again

North Las Vegas -- A man who lost his wife and daughter in a brutal attack on his family has fulfilled one family dream. On Saturday, he reopened his boxing gym.

Arturo Martinez thought he lived the American Dream. He and His wife both worked at the boxing gym they built, mentoring neighborhood teens. Arturo's wife is gone now, but he now has an entire community behind him, rebuilding some of what he has lost.

At Saturday's official opening of the Real KO Boxing Club, music was blaring with the volume set at max. Two 15-year-olds sparred in the boxing ring, under the watchful eye of Martinez. He gives them boxing lessons, and then sends them back into the ring to work it out.

"There's a lot for those kids to achieve," said Martinez. "They need a mentor. If they don't have a mentor, they don't know. That's why we're here."

Martinez lights up when talking about his boxing ring, located at Cheyenne Avenue and Civic Center Drive. It is still hard for him to talk about why the gym has been closed since April.

"I lost two of my queens," said Martinez.

His wife, Yadira Martinez, and daughter, Karla, were murdered with a claw hammer in the family home. Arturo survived the attack, but still has the scars and faces many more months of therapy. Murder suspect 22-year-old Bryan Clay was arrested, pleaded not guilty, and now awaits trial.

Opening day at the boxing gym was a chance to put the pain aside.

"You guys have seen how Arturo is," said Martinez's brother-in-law, Kenneth Seal. "I don't know how I would be if I went through the same thing."

Now, Martinez will mentor many of the teens who come to his gym for free.

"He's a big brother to me," said Felipe Lazos, who visits the gym. "He takes care of you. He has an office here. If you have a problem, you go in there and you talk about it. If you don't, you let it out in the ring."

The newly-renovated Real KO Boxing gym was unveiled by local dignitaries Thursday. Saturday's official opening was celebrated by family and friends. The gym will be open to new customers starting Monday, July 16.


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