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Student Tells School Workers His Mom, Sister are Dead | News

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Student Tells School Workers His Mom, Sister are Dead

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police are investigating a double murder at a home on Robin Street near Rancho Drive and Washington Avenue.

According to police, a 9-year-old boy showed up at Hoggard Elementary School and told authorities that his mother and sister were dead. When officers went to investigate, they found a woman and girl dead inside the home. The bodies were found just before 9 a.m.

"I hear boom, boom, a couple of shots, and that was it," neighbor Lucinda Griffin said.

Griffin lives two doors down from the house where the murders happened. A neighbor alerted her to the unfolding tragedy.

"He said, 'Cinda wake up, something happened to Arturo, wake up. Cinda get up.'  I put on my pajamas and walked out the door and by the time I got there, helicopters were going, police were coming in," she said.

Police say there was also a 4-year-old boy found alive in the home and one injured man. The man was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. The man will be questioned, but is not considered a suspect. Neighbors say the man who owns the home is Arturo Martinez.

Police say five people live in the home. Officers waited on a search warrant before entering the house. At about noon, the warrant was obtained and investigators went inside. 

Juliana Perez knows the murdered woman. "The woman is a sweet person. She always would say hi. We'd talk often. She had three kids, a daughter, and two sons.

Perez says the dead woman's husband was not as friendly.

"He was very aggressive towards us. He would often be yelling loud and cursing. Just not very friendly," she said.

Perez claims the man punctured her vehicle tires with a knife over the weekend.

"He said we were blocking his parking space, and we were, but he didn't give us a chance to move our truck."

The Clark County School District released a statement saying their crisis response team will be ready once more details are released. They also praised the educators at the school.

"We applaud our educational leaders who took immediate action to notify officials upon learning that there was a potential concern in this student's home and remind all of our students that school is always a safe zone with caring adults that can help in uncertain situations."

Police have not released many details about the incident, saying this is an ongoing investigation.


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