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Grandfather Takes the Stand for 2nd Day in Kidnapping Trial

LAS VEGAS -- Suicidal, crazy, and confused are the emotions Clemens Tinnemeyer said he was experiencing when his 6-year-old grandson was kidnapped.

Tinnemeyer was back on the stand Friday at the trial of the boy's alleged abductors.

Prosecutors say Clemens Tinnemeyer stole millions from a Mexican drug carter and they snatched Cole Puffinburger as ransom. The defense is claiming the whole thing was set up by Puffinburger's family.

Tinnemeyer testified he was high on methamphetamine when his grandson was taken in 2008. He told the court that he and Cole were close and often played football. He says he gave the child the nickname "Cole-Monster."

But defense lawyers say the real monster is Tinnemeyer because when Cole disappeared, he did nothing and waited two days before reporting the abduction.

Prosecution, Defense Tell Two Very Different Stories of Boy's Kidnapping

LAS VEGAS -- The men accused of kidnapping a 6-year-old Las Vegas boy in 2008 finally went to trial Wednesday. The prosecution says the men are part of a large drug cartel and took Cole Puffinburger hostage because his grandfather stole millions from them.

Jose Lopez-Buelna is the main defendant, charged with conspiracy for money laundering, selling drugs, kidnapping and more. The co-defendants are his brother and employees.

The prosecution says Lopez-Buelna was running a multi-million dollar cocaine trafficking operation out of Las Vegas. Puffinburger was thrown into the mix because his grandfather, Clemens Tinnemeyer, worked for Lopez-Buelna.

Trial Begins in Case of Kidnapped Boy

LAS VEGAS -- It has been more than two years since Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped from his Las Vegas home. Prosecutors say the boy's grandfather stole millions of dollars from a Mexican drug cartel. Now four defendants will stand trial for the case that sparked national attention.

Jury selection began Tuesday in the drug cartel kidnapping case. The abduction generated a lot of attention during the tense three days when Puffinburger was missing.

One defendant pleaded guilty and four others must face justice in federal court.

Puffinburger was 6-years-old when he was snatched in a home invasion. Authorities say Cole's grandfather had ties to a Mexican drug cartel. He was connected to millions of dollars missing from the cartel, and that's why Puffinburger was allegedly kidnapped.

Two men, Jose Lopez-Buelna and Luis Vega-Rubio, are charged with kidnapping and hostage taking.

Man Pleads Not Guilty on Numerous Child Abuse Charges

LAS VEGAS -- A Henderson man charged with beating and torturing his girlfriend's children entered a not guilty plea in Las Vegas District Court Tuesday morning.

Edward Colucci is charged with seven counts of child abuse, assault and kidnapping. Police say he met the children's mother online and she moved to Las Vegas to be with him.

Colucci is accused of beating and starving the 8 and 4-year-old boys while threatening to kill their mother if she went to police. The children have been placed in protective custody.

Possible Human Remains Found in Dumpster

LAS VEGAS -- Metro police are investigating the discovery of possible human remains in a dumpster near Lake Mead Blvd. and Decatur Blvd.

Police say they are working with Republic Services to find more evidence.

Arrest Report: Las Vegas Dancer's Body Found in 2 Tubs of Cement

LAS VEGAS -- Celeste Flores Narvaez prefers to remember positive images of her sister Debbie, not the graphic images from a police report outlining Debbie's final moments before her death.

"I was upset," Celeste said. "I was in tears. Now, I'm just enraged. I'm furious. I'm mad. I want to get justice."

The man accused of killing Debora Flores Narvaez told police the crime happened in the heat of the moment, according to the arrest report.

Read the arrest report

Jason "Blu" Griffith was arrested Friday night at the Mirage where he performs as a dancer in the Love show. He is accused of killing Flores Narvaez, who was reported missing in December after going to visit Griffith.

I-Team: Innocent Claim Draws Attention of National Groups

LAS VEGAS -- A young woman convicted not once, but twice for the same crime is again trying to convince the court she is not a killer. Kirstin Blaise Lobato is behind bars for the 2001 murder and sexual mutilation of a homeless man. Yet Lobato insists she didn't do it and she may get another chance to prove it.

Lobato is not without her supporters. Those who think she's innocent spend countless hours recruiting resources to help to her prove it. Most recently, they have attracted the interest of two groups dedicated to freeing the wrongly convicted. With the court's permission, they will examine what may be key pieces of evidence Lobato hopes will identify who she calls "the real killers."

In 2001, Lobato was a scared 18-year-old, accused of the murder and sexual mutilation of Duran Bailey, a homeless man she claims she never met. Despite a lack of physical evidence, jurors convicted Lobato twice for the crime.