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Business Owners Excited Over Downtown Redevelopment

LAS VEGAS -- Downtown Las Vegas appears to be on the uptick. Between Symphony Park and the announcement of Zappos moving into the old City Hall, even more redevelopment and revitalization is on the horizon.

Mayor Oscar Goodman hinted at some of the new projects expected to come downtown during his State of the City Address Tuesday night. If all goes as planned, the vision Goodman has for downtown may become a reality.

"We have the tourism destination of the world with our wonderful hotels, great shops and terrific restaurants. Then there's the city of two million people who live in this valley here who really yearn and thirst to be a world class city with great culture, great medicine with all the things great cities have," he said.

Businesses Still Struggle Months After Downtown Explosion

LAS VEGAS -- Much of Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas' Art District is still shuttered after an explosion damaged several stores. So far, neither NV Energy or Southwest Gas claim responsibility for the transformer explosion.

NV Energy says while they are not accepting responsibility, they will pay the business owner's insurance claims. But until the businesses get their first checks, the signs tell a story of frustration on Main Street.

Rebuilding work is underway at Latinos Auto Services. Main Street surveillance video shows the shock waves from a power transformer explosion July 11, 2010. It forced some businesses to close.

The Attic clothing store had to move across the street after their original building was heavily damaged.

Another Casino Steps in to Help Salvation Army

LAS VEGAS -- Another Las Vegas casino has stepped in to help the Salvation Army after $13,000 was stolen over the Christmas weekend.

The Golden Gate Casino has donated $14,000 to the Salvation Army. Wednesday, Station Casinos donated $13,000 to the agency.

Part of the money stolen from the Salvation Army was from their Red Kettle campaign.

Damaged Downtown Businesses Upset with NV Energy

LAS VEGAS -- Five months after a power transformer exploded on Main Street, some downtown Las Vegas store owners are calling out NV Energy. They claim the power company has done nothing to help them pay for the damage the explosion caused.

On billboards and boarded up windows at The Attic clothing store, a sign reads, "NV Energy blew up my building. They don't care. Shame on them."

A transformer explosion on July 11 blew out windows in a several block radius around Main Street. It damaged the vintage clothing and antique store The Attic. The store moved across the street to a building one-third the size of the original location.

"Every morning, I wake up with the idea that this is my last day in business," said Mayra Politis, owner of The Attic.

Politis put up billboards and signs on her business calling attention to the fact she has received no insurance settlement from NV Energy.

City Council Approves Plan to Move Zappos Downtown

LAS VEGAS -- City Council members have approved a deal to move the headquarters for Zappos.com to the City Hall building in downtown Las Vegas.

The big move, which will take place in two years, is expected to help turn the struggling downtown around by bringing in about 1,000 of new workers into the traditionally troubled area.

Zappos. com is currently leasing space in Henderson. The Resort Gaming Group made a $25 million offer to the city to buy the City Hall site with the intent of developing it as a corporate campus for Zappos which will lease the property for at least 10 years.

"We will be able to sell that around the world to industries and businesses, to folks that are looking to relocate, and even folks that are not looking to relocate, to attract them to Las Vegas. We have been validated today as a result of this proposal," said Mayor Oscar Goodman.

New Look, New Feel for Downtown Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- New life is being breathed into downtown Las Vegas. In the last several months, new businesses have opened their doors on Fremont Street East. Zappos has also announced it plans to relocate to the old city hall building re-engergizing an area that for years has struggled.

If you haven't visited Fremont Street recently, you might surprised to see all the new businesses and neon. The energy on Fremont East is much different than it was just a few years ago and that is exactly what Mayor Oscar Goodman hoped for when he began pushing for downtown revitalization.

The sights and sounds on Fremont East are changing and creating an energy that some say had been missing for years.

Zappos Looks to Relocate to Downtown Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Zappos.com is looking to relocate from Henderson to downtown Las Vegas.

Resort Gaming Group is offering to buy the current Las Vegas City Hall site and convert it into a corporate campus for Zappos. The offer also includes approximately seven acres of surrounding land. If approved, the move would bring at least 1,000 jobs to downtown Las Vegas.

"Our proposed future downtown location will be a great urban environment that will help grow the cultures of both Zappos and Las Vegas," said Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh in a statement.

"The company is committed to this project and more importantly, to reinvigorating downtown," added Resort Gaming Group founder and CEO Andrew Donner. "The support of this caliber of business leader speaks volumes for our city. We believe this project will have more impact on downtown revitalization than any other development to date."