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Wind Turbine Plant to Be Built In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS --  A group of companies has announced plans to develop a plant in the Las Vegas valley that would employ about 1,000 people for manufacturing wind turbines.

The announcement was made by U.S. Renewable Energy Group (US-REG), a Chinese company called A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd., and the real estate development company American Nevada Company of Henderson.

The plan calls for building a the 320,000-square-foot plant in Las Vegas. The plant would manufacture and assemble wind-energy turbines that would supply energy projects throughout North and South America.

Senator Harry Reid has been leading the effort to develop renewable energy and promote investment in Nevada.

City Sees Big Budget Cuts, Mayor Says City Should Fire All Workers

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman has proposed a drastic, last-ditch move to try and save city jobs and services while still filling a $70 million budget shortfall.

The Las Vegas City Council approved a tentative budget Wednesday for the upcoming fiscal year 2011.

In order to balance the budget, 146 employees will now be laid off in June and millions of dollars in cuts to city programs and services will be made.

Goodman wants to try and get around the collective bargaining agreements of city employees who don't want to voluntarily agree to an 8-percent pay cut to save the jobs of their colleagues.

He wants to do it by first firing all city employees and then rehiring those who are willing to take the pay reduction.

"If we're permitted to do that legally, then I'm ready to risk the political capital because I believe it the right thing to do," he said.