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Fighting for protection: Coyotes terrorize neighborhood near golf course |

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Fighting for protection: Coyotes terrorize neighborhood near golf course

Jan Biggerstaff has created somewhat of a shelter in her backyard to keep coyotes away from her dogs.

“When this happened, we had it fenced all the way around,” Biggerstaff said. “There needs to be something done. “

The coyotes have surrounded the Las Vegas National Golf Course for years. Many residents, including Biggerstaff, say the animals have killed their pets.

“We went on a cruise, came home and my dog had been killed by a coyote,” said Biggerstaff. “The coyote jumped over the back fence, you can see how high it is. It’s what 7 feet?”

The Las Vegas National Golf Course’ General Manager, Coy Woods, says his team has bounced around several proposals.

“I cried two days solid for that,” Woods said. “That was bad news. She was a sweetheart dog.”

A barrier around the creek would cost millions. But, Woods says they’re willing to work with residents to trap them.

“We’re entitled to trap them in our yard but who wants a trapped coyote in your backyard?,” Woods added.

The coyote’s aren’t going away any time soon. The key is learning how to live with them.

“I figure if they want to be here they can buy a house just like the rest of us,” said Biggerstaff.

If you live in a neighborhood with coyotes, you are advised to keep your pets inside and make the area less welcoming for the animals.

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