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New restaurants coming to Huntridge Center |

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New restaurants coming to Huntridge Center

Two new restaurants will soon be built at the historic Huntridge Center near Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway.

It's part of a larger effort to revitalize what's become a problem area.

The Swoop Building, as it's being called, will be a 4,000 square foot retail space. Inside will be a Capriotti's Sandwich Shop and a Roberto's Taco Shop.

Developers hope the project will bring more than just tasty treats for the people who live in the area.

"I have loved living here," said Betty Buehler, lives nearby.

She has lived in the neighborhood for nearly 15 years. Buehler says, this area of downtown used to be bustling with business but is now a hotspot for the homeless.

"When the park was closed for a while, it actually felt safer. Now, there are a lot of people that, you know, are struggling and it feels a little less safe."

But with plans to build a Capriotti's and a Roberto's, revitalization is on the horizon.

City leaders and developers say it's part of a larger effort.

"The more investment, the more nighttime lighting, the more people are around, the more everybody feels better," said Councilman Bob Coffin, Las Vegas City Council. "This is not a war zone or looks like a war zone at night when nobody's home."

"I saw an opportunity to really help this neighborhood and this community, and so we've put a lot of time and effort and money into it, and not just renovating it," said J Dapper, owner, Dapper Companies.

This area, where both shops will be built, is right across the street from the historic, but rundown, Huntridge Theater. There's hope this new wave of development will help this business as well.

"I know that that is a property that I would definitely love to buy and do the same things that we've done here there. It can't sit empty forever," Dapper said.

The Huntridge was once the valley's premier movie theater and hosted several concerts. It's been in disrepair since it closed in 2004. Although efforts have been made to preserve the beloved landmark, nothing has stuck.

"We just wish it would be put to use again," Coffin said.

But with the Swoop Building leading the charge, neighbors like Buehler hope the theater -- and this part of town -- will return to it's former glory.

"It'll make it all better, better and better, as far as I can tell."

Dapper Companies says it will most likely be starting construction within the next 30 days. They plan to have the project completed by December or January.

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