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Mob Museum exhibit focuses on officer-involved shootings |

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Mob Museum exhibit focuses on officer-involved shootings

Shoot or don't shoot? What would you do if you were a police officer put in a situation where lives were at stake?

So, what would you do if you were in their shoes? At the Mob Museum, you can find out.

The Use of Force Training Experience is a simulation of what police officers might encounter when confronting armed or potentially armed people.

Use of force is a complex issue in the U.S. that the Mob Museum is addressing with a new interactive experience. It gives you the chance to be in the officer's shoes through a role play experience.

"It's a different side seeing it from the badge side," said Joshua Edwards, visiting from Atlanta.

Heart-racing moments for Joshua Edwards.

"My adrenaline started pumping," he said.

He was going through the use of force training experience which was giving him and other Mob Museum visitors a chance to understand the life or death decisions law enforcement may consider before pulling the trigger.

"People don't realize the exact pressure, exactly what these police officers are dealing with," Edwards said.

The latest addition to the museum exposes guests to how officers prepare for situations ranging from pulling someone over to a burglary. The training sessions use both digital and live role playing scenarios.

"It's not as simple as maybe people see," said Geoff Schumacher, senior director of content, Mob Museum.

A dividing topic stemming protests across the country over the years.

According to an ongoing Washington Post database project that tracks fatal shootings, police nationwide shot and killed nearly 1,000 people last year.

So far, in 2018 -- almost 150. This exhibit aims to show the tactics and factors influencing an officer's decision.

"They're going to look at them, they're going to ask more questions, they're going to want more answers," Schumacher said. They're going to want more details about what happened to form a more educated opinion."

An educated opinion possibly based off their own experience in the exhibit.

"This really gives the chance for civilians to actually see the side of what police officers' kind of get to do and deal with on a split second decision basis," Edwards said.

A decision that changes someone's life.

The exhibit is part of the museum's first phase of its largest capital improvement project. The Use of Force Training Experience is open daily at the museum and is separate from the admission cost.

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