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'Black Panther' inspires local kids while shattering stereotypes |

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'Black Panther' inspires local kids while shattering stereotypes

Marvel's latest blockbuster, 'Black Panther' is inspiring teachers to take students across the country to see the movie as an educational event.

"In order for our students to feel like they can be superheroes, they have to see it," said Diane Pollard, CEO of Rainbow Dream Academy.

Over the past few weeks, the community has helped to raise $10,000, so that more than 400 Clark County School District students could go to the Eclipse Theater to watch the cult phenomenon surrounding the world of Wakanda.

The 'Black Panther' challenge started in Harlem, New York. The idea was to give underprivileged youth a chance to see a superhero that looks like them. The movement quickly took off.

"It was just awesome," said filmmaker Cameron C.H. Miller. "There is a superhero that looks like me. That is epic."

The students were able to walk the red carpet at Eclipse Theaters and hear from local business leaders about the importance of diversity.

"To see an entire theater sold out by children for the youth... It's a whole other level of inspiration about what we can do when the community comes together to support our young people," Miller said.

The event was a reminder that even a small gesture can have a big impact.

"If you think about this film and the power of it; it grossed over $300 million. It started with somebody's idea, with their thought, and if you can realize that your thought, your idea, your imagination can be something, then we're already on a path to a greater life, a greater America, a greater world," Miller said.

Several organizations such as 100 Black Men of Las Vegas and Urban Chamber of Commerce organized the event.

They will be taking donations throughout the month of February so that they can continue to send students to the movie theater to experience the world of possibility through the excitement and imagination of Black Panther.

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