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Friends and foes showed up at Bundy trial decision |

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Friends and foes showed up at Bundy trial decision

Rallies of people showed up for the ruling in the Bundy case Wednesday -- both for and against public lands.

Things got pretty heated when activists with the Center of Biological Diversity appeared in front of the federal court house.

They are against the privatization of public lands and were clearly not in support of the Bundys. There were several times where people from both sides were in each others faces.

Once word got out that there was a mistrial, this is what the CEO of the Center of Biological Diversity had to say.

"Now we can start over fresh with a new trial in January and have all of the evidence properly entered in and get a straight forward clean verdict from the jury," said Kieran Suckling, ceo, Center for Biological Diversity.

While this is a mistrial for the Bundys and Ryan Hammond, it doesn't mean they're exonerated either.

The case is leaving a bitter taste for some like Bundy supporter Kelly Stewart.

"If somebody is stepping on your face and they finally stop stepping on your face would you celebrate justice is served? Or would you celebrate you finally had a boot removed from your face?" Justice has not been served and we're not done with this yet," Stewart said.

Strong words from a woman who tells 8 News NOW she's became friends with the Bundy's when they had their skirmish in Oregon.

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