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Court hearing on future of guns used during 1 October reset for July |

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Court hearing on future of guns used during 1 October reset for July

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A court hearing on what to do with the guns used in the 1 October massacre has been reset for July. In a court hearing on the gunman’s estate today, it was revealed an anonymous donor has offered to pay for the destruction of the guns.

The weapons are in physical possession of the FBI but belong to the shooter’s estate.

Attorneys representing the victims say the guns could still be used as evidence.

“Everybody wants the guns destroyed eventually. But we can’t have the guns destroyed because they’re evidence in the case, until the case, all the cases involved are resolved,” said Robert Eglet, an attorney who represents the victims.

“There’s a moral issue. If we sell the guns, we would be basically putting these guns back into circulation and risking that these guns could kill additional people ” said Alice Denton, attorney for the estate of Stephen Paddock. “The destruction of the guns is in the best interest of the estate, the people that are going to get the money from the estate, and we believe the general public.”

The donor has offered to pay at least $60,000 if the guns are destroyed. Stephen Paddock’s estate and attorneys representing victims have agreed to wait until victim settlement cases are resolved.

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