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Reporter accidentally emails entire company to call off work, entire company responds |

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Reporter accidentally emails entire company to call off work, entire company responds

(WCMH) — Kansas City traffic reporter Nick Vasos was apparently feeling under the weather, so he called out sick. What happened next might be the best thing you’ll read all week.

An email announcing Nick’s sick day was accidentally sent to Nexstar Media Group newsrooms across the country. Dozens of colleagues from all over replied to the chain, wishing Nick well.

Nick out sick is my new favorite thing. #NexstarNation #NickStrong pic.twitter.com/Td96i31WJu

— Austin Kellerman (@AustinKellerman) November 22, 2019

The email thread was eventually stopped, but not before participants took to Twitter, coining the hashtag, #PrayersForNick.

They can take away our emails, but they can't take away our #PrayersForNick pic.twitter.com/jrXGnoG1iS

— Just Sam waiting for Thanksgiving (@Holtzue) November 22, 2019

Reporters, anchors, producers, and station employees of all sorts weighed in, until the hashtag started trending.

Hope @NickVasos feels better soon! From WMBB and Nexstar Nation #PrayersforNick

— Michelle Kaufman (@MKaufmanTV) November 22, 2019

The entire @NexStarMedia footprint is wishing some dude named Nick “get well wishes” on the breaking news chain. It’s incredible. Every station is chiming in. #PrayersForNick

— Dan Gross (@DJG_Music) November 22, 2019

#NexstarNation CRACKING ME UP tonight!!!!!

Sad to hear @NickVasos will be out sick tomorrow!! #PrayersForNick pic.twitter.com/yqq7C6i3Vb

— Dana Winter (@DanaWinterTV) November 22, 2019

The best email thread in the world is happening right now but you have to be part of #NexstarNation to enjoy it. It’s the little things. #prayersfornick #teambuilding #wehaveanimsidejoke!

— Josh Rose (@joshrosemusic) November 22, 2019

When you accidentally send the entire #NexstarNation the note that you're going to be out sick tomorrow, #NexstarNation has your back.

Get well soon, @NickVasos!#PrayersForNick

— Nick Bechtel (@NickBechtelNews) November 22, 2019

Get well soon @NickVasos, we're pulling for you! #PrayersForNick

— NBC4 Columbus (@nbc4i) November 22, 2019

I hope you get in a parade tomorrow @NickVasos
Take care my friend! #PrayersforNick #NexstarNation pic.twitter.com/KfvhhN5AjR

— David Mazza (@DavidNBC4) November 22, 2019

@NickVasos your friends at BRProud in Baton Rouge hope you feel better. #PrayersforNick pic.twitter.com/7VjRCPUIQ5

— Briana K. Augustus (@JournalisticBri) November 22, 2019

Bless this sick mess #PrayersforNick pic.twitter.com/Q2bx6Z0wh1

— Vivien (@VivienReports) November 22, 2019

Maybe the real “Nick Calling Out Sick” was all the friends we made along the way #PrayersforNick

— Sebastian Arbelaez (@SebArbelaez) November 22, 2019

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