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HELP NEEDED: Las Vegas BMX searching for stolen trailer |

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HELP NEEDED: Las Vegas BMX searching for stolen trailer

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A valley BMX team is asking the community to help them find the person who stole a trailer and thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a northwest valley neighborhood. 

“Team Torque Racing” manager and coach Tommy Stouffer told 8 News Now someone took the trailer Wednesday morning, between the hours of 8:30 and 10:30. It was parked in a neighborhood near North Durango Drive and West Centennial Parkway. 

“As soon as I came around the corner I knew it was gone,” he explained. “I was going through all kinds of emotions at the time.”

Stouffer said he knew it was stolen, just not missing, when he noticed the trailer’s metal hitch lock intentionally broken. 

Team Torque Racing consists of 22 local kids that travel the country to compete in BMX racing events. 

Team member Brayden Lozada told 8 News Now they’ve been training all year for the biggest race of the year. Now, they might not make it. 

“I just wanted to train for the greatest race,” Lozada said. “Our last training was supposed to be tomorrow and we can’t do that now.”

“The race that we are going to is in Oklahoma,” Stouffer added. “It’s the biggest race of the year and the kids have been training all year for it, so this last week was a pretty big push.”

Therefore, these two are asking everyone to keep an eye out and help them find the person responsible for this heartbreaking crime. 

“I’m hoping whoever it is, just find it in your heart,” Stouffer pleaded. “Bring back the stuff so we can get to that race and do the best we can.”

They just wants to get these tools back for this important competition. 

“The trailer is nothing, for me it’s what was in it,” Stouffer concluded. “For me that’s where the memories were made.”

Stouffer told 8 News Now the specialized equipment is worth about $4,000. With the trailer, everything taken totals about $9,000. 

If you’ve seen it, contact Tommy Stouffer at torquebmxracing@gmail.com. 

Stouffer has filed a police report, so you can also contact Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to report a sighting. 

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