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Take it slow: It’s International Sloth Day! |

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Take it slow: It’s International Sloth Day!

(CNN) — You have an excuse to be a little lazy today because it’s International Sloth Day!

Sloths are known to sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day. Even when they aren’t sleeping, they often sit motionless in trees.

The animals have an incredibly slow metabolism that requires them to conserve energy at all costs. They nibble on fruit, leaves and shoots, but it takes them days to digest a single leaf!

Little did we know, though, that these creatures are fantastic swimmers. They can hold their breath up to a whopping 40 minutes.

International Sloth Day was started in 2010 in Colombia to raise awareness about the life cycle and natural habitat of the Sloth. So, the next time you’re at your local zoo, make sure to see the sloths. They really are amazing creatures.

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