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UNLV President: ‘We cannot let the haters define us or control us’ |

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UNLV President: ‘We cannot let the haters define us or control us’

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — UNLV Interim President Marta Meana delivered the annual State of the University address Tuesday.

Meana opened her speech with a mention of the threat that was found inside a campus bathroom that targeted Bernie Sanders supporters and African Americans. Although it was not believed to be credible, some classes were cancelled because of it.

“UNLV is making it happen. We are embracing disruption of being gate openers, but we are honoring our legacy by remaining defenders of freedom of thought and expression and the intrinsic value of people of different identities colors and cultures coming together to share their intellect, experiences and humanity,” said Meana.

Meana also highlighted the successes and goals of the school and officially kicked-off the new academic year.

Shoutouts for @unlvcoe at @unlv State of the University address with @UNLV_President today! Prof @dr_nlo – for research on status of women’s sports in society, PRACTICE Asst Dir Noelle Laforge & @unlv makes record year with # of students & # of students in freshman class! pic.twitter.com/t5BC2yhsJF

— UNLV College of Education (@unlvcoe) October 17, 2019

“We have the opportunity to change that legacy. To make this university the gate opener rather than the gate keeper. To devote ourselves to the success of every student,” said Meana.

The address ended with the reading of letters that parents wrote to students to encourage them to continue in pursuit of their goals.

#TeamTitus is attending the @UNLV State of the University Address given by @UNLV_President Marta Meana. We’re looking forward to hearing important updates on research, the medical school, and continued efforts to support diversity and keep students safe. #UNLVSOTU pic.twitter.com/tvaYF4sPkc

— Dina Titus (@repdinatitus) October 16, 2019

“We are rebels and we can make happen whatever we set our minds to whatever we set our hearts on,” said Maena.

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