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International Talk Like A Pirate Day |

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS )Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh ya ready?

It’s “International Talk Like A Pirate Day!”

silly/fun observance started out as a joke more than two decades ago
between two guys who are now known in historical lore as simply “Ol’
Chumbucket” and “Cap’n Slappy.”

– we imagine – even Facebook and Google arrr gettin’ in on the

pirate mode, Facebook users don’t have a “wall.” They have a
“Captain’s Log.”

And Googlers taking part in the fun no longer simply “search” No. They “scour the interwebs fer scallywags, wenches ‘n’ various sundries.”

Enjoy the video clip, matey!

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