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Young Students to Protest Violence | News

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Young Students to Protest Violence

The SAVE program stands for Students Against Violence Everywhere and Friday, the students at Monaco Middle School gathered to learn how staying away from bad choices now can lead them to a brighter future.

The young faces are just beginning their teen years and already they face so many struggles. “A lot of people are dying and I don't like when people die,” said / seventh grader Mark Turner.

At just 12 and 13-years-old, these students know they're just a few years younger than the teens being charged with an officer’s death – a real life example of where choices can lead. “If we can get those kids to understand or these kids to understand early there are consequences, not just for what you do but if you are there when something happens, then we can hopefully drive them away from that kind of behavior,” said Metro officer Jason Letkiewicz.

Some who have already learned where the wrong road leads shared their experiences hoping it can help these students make a better choice. “I got family who is in jail for gang banging -- throwing up signs – Bloods, Crypts and all this other stuff,” said one student.

“We definitely want to make sure that we prevent these youths from getting involved in future violence. They have their whole life in front of them. The last thing they need is to get into trouble and ruin not only someone else's life but there own,” said Pastor Troy Martinez with 10,000 Kids.

As these students take a moment and bow their heads to honor the memory of a fallen officer, it appears the message is being received. “Why would you want to spend your life in jail when you can do stuff like go to work and help people,” said Turner.

Over 1,400 students turned out for this rally. One of the speakers said this is the age they really try talk to because this is when kids can make the choice to be a future leader or a future criminal.


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