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Students Rally for Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct

LAS VEGAS -- Allegations of sexual misconduct by a teacher are at the center of a protest held at Las Vegas Academy Thursday afternoon.

Ronny Scott Hoffman is accused of groping a student at the school two years ago. On Thursday, more than a dozen students from the academy organized a rally in support of Hoffman.

The French teacher is charged with one count of sexually motivated coercion and three counts of open and gross lewdness.

According to court documents, the victim claims Hoffman inappropriately touched her while in one of the girl's bathrooms at the Academy sometime in October or November of 2007. The victim alleges another girl entered the bathroom and she was able to run away.

Police have interviewed approximately 105 female students from the Academy and were unable to find the witness or other victims. Court records indicate the alleged victim did not come forward because she was ashamed.

Police interviewed Hoffman and he denied entering the women's bathroom.

"We've been his students and we know his character and he couldn't possibly do it," said student Stephany Ramos.

"Most of us were really disgusted that something like this could go around about such a wonderful teacher," said student Ariel Mitchell.

According to police, the District Attorney felt there was enough evidence to file charges in the case. But students protesting wonder about the truth of the alleged victim's story.

Court documents show she has also accused Hoffman of stalking her. But Hoffman told police the district exonerated him following an investigation. He denies all allegations.

"They found her to be falsely accusing him of this thing before, so why are they believing her a second time," said Mitchell.

"Even if he is found innocent, people are going to know and people are going to look at him and he's not going to be able to get his reputation back," said Ramos.

The students plan to tell others what they believe -- that their teacher is innocent. The police investigation is on going.