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SEIU Rallies Against Cuts | News

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SEIU Rallies Against Cuts

A sea of purple shirts greeted the Clark County Commission Tuesday morning. Dozens of members of the Service Employee International Union showed up at the meeting with the hope of saving some social services from the budget-cutting ax.

SEIU members rallied Monday night and again Tuesday. Instead of demanding money, they've come up with some ideas for commissioners to save social services. County leaders say their idea may work, but only if its done in balance.

"We work here. We know what's best and guess what? We are going to keep coming back at you every single time," said SEIU President Al Martinez.

It was a small step forward, but SEIU members still have a way to go in their fight to save social services. Members packed the county government building to show they mean business.

"What are the core services that Clark County is supposed to provide and are we doing everything that we can to make sure that those services are being provided right now," said , SEIU member Shondra Summers.

After recent budget cuts, SEIU members came up with some recommendations on how to save services and their jobs.

Al Martinez says the county needs to divert money from the capital improvement fund typically used to build project and use it on the elderly, the children and the homeless. Martinez believes there is nearly $250 million in funds that have not been allocated. They're asking for a little more than $10 million.

"When you look at the money, even though they may say it's not a whole lot, for us, it's a whole lost of money and we need to use it now because the future is here," said Martinez.

County Commissioners seemed to welcome the idea. "We will not allow these senior services to be eliminated when we have our most vulnerable seniors who have been neglected and abused," said Commissioner Rory Reid.

SEIU members are hoping County Commissioners aren't just talking a big game. "I heard but I want to see some action. We got some good lip service so what do we do now," said Martinez.

County Commissioners will revisit the issue in two weeks. They have asked for more in-depth numbers on much money is actually in their capital improvement fund and what projects are slated to be done.


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