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Residents Wonder When Redevelopment will Begin | Housing

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Residents Wonder When Redevelopment will Begin

LAS VEGAS -- In the heart of West Las Vegas lies F Street and Jefferson. There's the Town Tavern Casino and a street filled with dozens of churches.

But some residents believe F Street is a symbol of how the city has passed them by.

When F Street was cut off from much of Downtown Las Vegas because of the I-15 widening project, it created a perception for some residents that they were being cut off from the rest of the city.

Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce President Katherine Duncan points out the freeway wall she says also became an unfortunate symptom of redevelopment gone wrong.

"It could have been a beautiful park atmosphere, instead, it's left just dirt. I don't believe that any other neighborhood you would find a freeway wall being built this close to residential properties without some consideration for landscape. To me, that's an atrocity," she said.

The Las Vegas City Council held town halls in all of their wards to come up with another strategic plan.

"Having been through this process in 2004, 2005 and finally ratified on 2006, the current RDA, speaking on behalf of Ward 5, this was a very long process," said Councilman Ricky Barlow.

West Las Vegas community leaders say they don't need further studies.

"Out of the 15 action items that are earmarked for implementation, 11 of those items call for additional studies," said Duncan.

This community has one of the largest concentrations of churches in the country. Thirty thousand people worship there every Sunday. Residents already have plans for this neighborhood and they need the help of city leaders.

"What the community would like to see is a multi-tiered parking structure with a banquet facility, ground level retail, a convention center atmosphere that would tie all these churches together," said Duncan.

Las Vegas communities are appreciative of the extra attention the city is giving them, but some feel they've waited too long for action.

The City of Las Vegas Planning Department says their latest study will take nine to 12 months because of intensive mapping work and further community meetings.

The Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce meets every Saturday at 7 a.m. at the Town Tavern Casino on F Street.


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