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New Look, New Feel for Downtown Las Vegas | Business

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New Look, New Feel for Downtown Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- New life is being breathed into downtown Las Vegas. In the last several months, new businesses have opened their doors on Fremont Street East. Zappos has also announced it plans to relocate to the old city hall building re-engergizing an area that for years has struggled.

If you haven't visited Fremont Street recently, you might surprised to see all the new businesses and neon. The energy on Fremont East is much different than it was just a few years ago and that is exactly what Mayor Oscar Goodman hoped for when he began pushing for downtown revitalization.

The sights and sounds on Fremont East are changing and creating an energy that some say had been missing for years.

"We're excited to see that other people are finally saying the same thing we have been saying," said Jennifer Cornthwaite who is the creator of Emergency Arts and The Beat coffeehouse on Fremont East, a business that opened its doors in May.

"We really passionately believe in downtown Las Vegas and the historical aspect of it being a real walkable city, it being a real cultural environment," said Cornthwaite. Her businesses is just one of many gaining popularity.

In the last several months, businesses like the Hookah Cafe and Vanguard Lounge have opened up.

It's this kind of revitalization Mayor Oscar Goodman envisioned. The city offered to waive the $20,000 tavern limited license fee for businesses located in this district.

"They are creative thinkers. The owners of the various establishments are all risk-takers. They like to have fun. They inter-relate to each other so before you know it we have a cluster of these colorful little bars and restaurants and coffee house and that's what a downtown is supposed to have," said Goodman.

It's that urban feel that attracted Zappos.com to possibly relocate downtown.

"That brings tax dollars, sales tax. These folks are going to want to live close to where they are working," said Goodman.

And business owners like Cornthwaite say this new face and feel of downtown is just a glimpse of what's to come.


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