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A Look Inside the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute

One man's dream to honor his father may one day help all of us when our lives are somehow touched by Alzheimers.

Local businessman Larry Ruvo is bringing together scientists to crack the code and cure Alzheimers, so that others will not know the debilitating disease that took his dad, Lou Ruvo.

The startling design by world famous architect Frank Gehry is meant to attract the attention of the world. Inside, research will begin to unlock the terrible mysteries of Alzheimers and other brain disorders.

When the center is complete, patients will fill the halls and treatment rooms. Maureen Peckham is the chief operating officer for the foundation, Keep Memory Alive, which supports the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute. She says the facility will also have programs and counseling for caregivers of Alzheimers patients.

"When they come in with their loved one who's living with the clinical disease we say, you belong to us as well. We think you need treatment and you need support," she said.

On the research side, scientists will look for a biological marker to predict Alzheimers, before it has time to damage the brain. Currently, Alzheimers is only recognized after symptoms have taken hold and then treatments only work for a limited time.

"Right now there are about five million people with that disease. By 2030, that number will double and continue to double every 20 years," said Dr. Zaven Khachaturian. He says people need to grasp the dimension of the problem.

"the cost is horrendous. The suffering of the family members is horrendous. So, there is tremendous, tremendous urgency that the public hasn't come to recognize yet," he said.

The basket weave of tangled metal won't fully take shape until November but patients will already be getting help by this summer.

The non-profit foundation will raise funds for the brain institute, but the facility will also be able to raise money and there will be an activity center where organizations can hold events. The imaging center will take insurance payments.