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Las Vegas Firefighters Launch Campaign Against Cuts | News

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Las Vegas Firefighters Launch Campaign Against Cuts

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas city firefighters are warning that the city's proposed budget cuts could compromise safety during emergencies. However, the Mayor and Las Vegas Fire Chief disagree.

The union that represents the firefighters has launched a website that says lives could be in danger and insurance rates could go up if budget cuts are approved. The website says critical jobs will be cut slowing down response time.

The website encourages people to sign a petition, contact Mayor Oscar Goodman and city council members, and attend a Town Hall meetings to speak out against the cuts.

"It's important we try to quell this and quash it before it gets out of hand. I don't want people to think when they call 911 they are not going to get the service they have had in the past," said Mayor Goodman.

Goodman said that the cutbacks in no way will put any lives in danger. Goodman said the cuts would only impact second responders to emergencies.

"Our whole fire department are all first responders. Citizens rely on all of us as a team being there in a timely fashion," said Dean Fletcher, Las Vegas Firefighters Union 1285.

Mayor Goodman and Fire Chief Greg Gammon say the cuts would impact one water tender, one battalion chief, and a bomb squad and arson investigator.

The Mayor also added that there are 400 firefighters earning more than $100,000 a year and that could change.



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