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Jurors in Stiles Case See Infamous Video Tape | News

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Jurors in Stiles Case See Infamous Video Tape

The jury in the Chester Stiles trial has seen the infamous videotape which allegedly shows Stiles sexually assaulting a toddler.

Viewing the tape was the last thing the jury did Friday. As they left the courtroom, you could see many of them looked upset after watching the 15 minute tape.

From the beginning of the trial, it has been what the prosecution has led up to. An FBI Agent was the last to talk about the tape, giving the jury an idea of what they were about to see.

"About 17 minutes contains footage of Mr. Stiles and (the victim)," he said. "In that 17 minutes, you see Mr. Stiles engaging in various sex acts with (the victim)."

He detailed some of the acts on the tape and said that the video actually had the 17 minute sex act recorded on a loop, one after another.

Police first found out about the tape when it was turned in by Darren Tuck. He said he found it under a sign while riding a motorcycle in Pahrump. He admitted in court he held on to it for four months before giving it to police.

"A little girl gets moved in front of the camera," he said in court. "I see somebody start to pick up the little girl's dress."

Police released pictures of the man on the video, later identified as Chester Stiles, and the girl to try an identify her. Eventually her mother saw the images and called police.

During Friday's testimony, letters were read that Stiles had written. In one, he admitted to being abused when he was young and says that could be a reason he abused others, adding that he was sorry for what he did to the two young victims in this case.

During a reading of one of the letter Stiles wrote, he yelled out that it was being taken out of context. It was an outburst that earned him a warning from the judge.


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