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I-Team: Another Medical Mafia Member Pleads Guilty | News

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I-Team: Another Medical Mafia Member Pleads Guilty

LAS VEGAS -- Former medical consultant Howard Awand pleaded guilty to a felony Monday morning. Awand is the third local professional to admit to his role in the ongoing Medical Mafia investigation.

Less than two months ago, a jury found Awand guilty of failing to pay millions in taxes from the money he earned while working on personal injury claims. Now, as he awaits sentencing in that case, he admits his role in the so-called Medical Mafia conspiracy.

Read Howard Awand's plea agreement

According to prosecutors, Awand coordinated a network of local doctors and lawyers who rigged medical malpractice lawsuits and then split the profits without their client's knowledge.

Awand pleaded guilty to misprision of a felony, meaning he knew about federal crimes being committed but did not immediately report them.

Awand's plea agreement centers around the medical malpractice case involving the botched spine surgery of Melodie Simon. According to court records, Awand knew attorney Noel Gage and Dr. Mark Kabins lied during a deposition in the Simon case as the two attempted to blame a third doctor for Simon's paralysis.

Read the charges against Awand

Kabins has been sentenced for his role in the conspiracy.

Gage pleaded guilty last month and like Awand is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Of course, the question remains as to whether this is the end of the five-year long investigation. The U.S. Attorney's Office had no comment on that issue.


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