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Green Chips Wants a Green Revolution | News

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Green Chips Wants a Green Revolution

A new group calling themselves the Green Chips says Las Vegas needs to find a new identity. The organization says it wants the valley to be the new green capital starting with small efforts.

And Las Vegas loves going green, just ask Mayor Oscar Goodman. "I suggest if you have my likeness on here it will become valuable overnight," he said.

He's talking about the new green chips that may carry far more value than regular casino chips, because they are the future of Las Vegas. "We would like to get entire community on board," said Goodman.

Setting examples is what this new organization is all about. Mayor Goodman is joined by efforts of other city mayors, NV Energy, MGM Mirage and Harrah's Entertainment. Casinos say they are leading by example now.

"From very seemingly small things like changing light bulbs to doing very large things like saving thousand and thousands of dollars retrofitting laundry equipment," said Marybel Batjer with Harrah's Entertainment.

Harrrah's laundry facility cleans 250,000 pounds of towels, bed sheets, and other textiles through new energy efficient washing machines. Before they got the new washers, 18 million gallons of water was used every month. Now their water usage is down to seven million gallons.

Green Chips will also start a loan fund for anyone who wants to borrow money for low or no interest to retrofit their home or business.


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